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Which meditation CD should I choose?

On this page, we hope to help you choose the best CD/MP3s for you depending on your goals, natural inclinations and needs.

I am completely new to meditation.

Our Pure Relaxation CD is excellent for beginners with 3 meditations of varying lengths and a half hour of music. It was tested and recommended by members of the National Health and Wellness Club, many of whom had no experience with meditation.

Our Meditation Oasis CD, which has 4 of the most popular meditations from our podcast, has meditations which are perfect for beginners. Many people begin with breath meditations, and this CD has a very easy-to-follow breath meditation, as well as 3 other simple and effective meditations.

I just want to relax.

Try our Pure Relaxation CD! It's so easy to relax with this CD, and it contains a variety of meditations. The "Mini-Relaxation Break" is perfect for a short break during the day. "Unwinding" is especially designed to help you relax at the end of the day and let go of the day's concerns. "Total Body Relaxation" is just what it says -- it helps you systematically release tension throughout the body.

I need help with insomnia.

Our CDs are so relaxing, that people have reported using many of our meditations for falling asleep. The Sleep Easy CD, however, was especially designed for this purpose, and using it repeatedly helps to change habits that lead to stress-related insomnia. We recommend you try the Sleep Easy CD, or perhaps the Total Body Relaxation on the Pure Relaxation CD for help in falling asleep.

I've been practicing meditation for awhile, but want to go deeper or be more effortless in my practice.

Our approach helps many people to experience deeper, more natural and effortless meditation. You might want to try the Meditation Oasis CD as it contains a variety of different meditations, including a special meditation for effortlessness. Some people have been able to deepen their practice by using the Silence of Being CD which helps you to experience the stillness of your own awareness. It has several tracks, each of which allows you to go deeper on your own.

I want to learn to meditate on my own.

Our approach to meditation helps you to discover your natural ability to meditate. Meditation is not so much a practice as a shift in a way of being. Using our guided meditations regularly will help your mind to get in the habit of making that shift, so that you may find that when you sit and close your eyes on your own, you will be able to shift into a meditative state.

Our Silence of Being CD is very specifically designed to help you shift from a fully guided meditation to meditating on your own. Also, some of our guided meditations contain practices that you will be able to do on your own once you've used the CD for awhile. Examples of this are the Breath Meditation on the Meditation Oasis CD, all of the meditations on the Body Awareness CD and the Total Body Relaxation on the Pure Relaxation CD.

I want to meditate to help with healing.

Rest and relaxation help support healing and any of our guided meditations can help when healing is needed. Our Ease of Being CD has two meditations specifically for healing, and the Emotional Ease meditation on the Meditation Oasis CD can support emotional release and healing. The Body Awareness CD also contains meditations especially helpful for healing as it promotes mind-body coordination and helps bring energy to the body.(Of course, while meditation can be supportive to a healing process, it should not be used as a substitute for competent medical advice and care.)

In addition to our CDs, we offer the Musical Massage Sound Therapy CD created by the Casa de Maria Research Center. This powerful CD contains musical tones in specific rhythms and sequences which helps bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

My doctor told me to meditate for my health.

You have a wise doctor! You may want to start with the CDs mentioned above for beginners (our Pure Relaxation CD and Meditation Oasis CD). After you've had a bit of practice with meditation, you may find that the Body Awareness CD is particularly rejuvenating and energizing for the body.

My life is really stressful -- I need to unwind.

All of our CDs help with stress! Our Pure Relaxation CD is a great place to start. It has a meditation specifically for "unwinding".

I want to feel more grounded.

Our Body Awareness CD is perfect for becoming more grounded!

I want to work with my chakras.

Our Everyday Energy Healing CD is designed to teach you to give a Chakra Balancing to another person, as well as learning to center and sense energy. Once you've learned to give the balancing to a partner, you can do it on yourself.






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